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How It all Started

Colette Glover-Hannah is a mother and the Founder and CEO of Hannah's Shoebox. She is the person behind the idea of providing tween girls with age- appropriate, fashionable shoes that may enhance their self-esteem and confidence. Colette became frustrated with her challenge to find appropriate shoes for her then six-year old daughter who was wearing a size six shoe at that time. Her daughter's shoe size continued to match her age until she reached 11. By that time, the challenge to find appropriate shoes had become even more difficult. That's when and why Hannah's Shoebox was born. Hannah's Shoebox is committed to help young girls with large feet to feel more confident and to feel beautiful about themselves. The online store is a market leader in providing shoe styles and sizes for tween girls.  

tween girls Did you know that doctors are treating patients as young as nine years old for health-related issues from wearing heels? That girls are sometimes bullied simply because their feet are larger than most girls their age? It is so important socially and medically to provide tween girls with the right shoes for these important reasons.  We strive to provide superb customer service. Our brands consist of several trusted designers and our buyers travel throughout the country to present you with the latest fashion trends in the styles you desire and in the sizes you need. Our vision is to become the first online shoe store option for tween girls and their families who want to purchase cute, stylish shoes for young teens that will allow them to look their age. 

Colette Glover-Hannah is also a successful author that has written her own inspirational book about being a mother and an entrepreneur in today's world. Check out her book entitled Mompreneur to read the stories of women that took the chance and are succeeding in business and motherhood! 






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