Wonder Woman: An example of a modern and independent woman

By Maria Dassum

Wonder woman. That is what women today have to be, wonder woman. We live in a world that evolves so quickly. Men and women have to keep up with a demanding and intense way of living. Being a woman today involves becoming a hard working leader, a responsible mother, a trustworthy friend, and obviously a personified image of the standards of beauty we all see these days. The term feminism is being used in so many different ways today. Feminism is a state of mind that responds to a historical inequality between genders. The gap between men and women has been narrowing over the 20th century to almost disappearing in the 21th century. Modern societies and the new perspective about family structure has changed women’s role in the community, labor market and the elite professional positions.


Feminism in general is a responsive and activist movement that addresses some the imbalance that society has failed to solve. As time changes, the main objective for individuals is to achieve prosperity, stability and material welfare. Nowadays, knowledge is the key element to becoming accomplished in every aspect of life. Therefore, the main path to acquire knowledge is education. Statistically women have become a larger percentage of the number of students enrolled in an undergrad and grad programs all over the world. The modern women is a well prepared, well rounded and high efficient person that is able to solve most of the problems present in this modern era. Consequently, women have assumed a protagonist role in economic, social, political and family activities.

Wonder woman as an example of modern women is an independent and determined individual that possess the full capacity for achieving any goal that she desires. Women have changed the traditional structure of society by demonstrating over many years that her will power to pursue her dreams and becoming outstanding examples of society. Nowadays the role of women like high executives, mothers, public figures or any other is determined only by the personal decisions taken by women, not by social conventions. It’s all about women choosing, and the empowerment it gives them. Being a woman in this century is always going to be a challenge, but if women come together, we can do anything we want. That is women’s power and the key to becoming a wonder woman.

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