When your shoe size does not match your age

When your shoe size does not match your age


By: Kushna Shah

Going through high school looking different from your school mates can be challenging. I am a 22-year-old woman who is 5’1 and I have always been short since middle school compared to everyone my age. Since I am short, I have always had small feet, so I have to wear a size 5 shoe. There are many times I have felt sad and disappointed by situations I have been through because I had small feet. I am sure even when people are tall and have bigger feet that makes them feel disappointed. However, I always found a way to appreciate and accept what I have and I am sure all of you can do the same.

There is always one thing or another that people seem to find in order to call people names while being in school. While growing up everyone always made fun of how small my feet are and how I would wear small shoes. At first, I would get annoyed and angry about it; however, the more I started appreciating myself and seeing how lucky I am to even walk no matter what my shoe size is, the more confident I got. This helped me ignore what people said to me about my feet and stopped bothering me. The more I ignored people’s comments the less they made fun of me.

Dressing up for events and outings with friends is common with teenage girls. During this time friends share each other’s clothes and shoes with one another. It always used to be sad when I would not be able to fit into my friend’s shoes or they could not borrow my shoes because they were small. However, as time went by, I saw how nice it actually was as I would get to keep my shoes to myself and no one else could have them or how it was an advantage as my shoes would be unique from everyone else’s as my size was not common.

Having to go to many stores in order to look for shoes can be tiring. Since I am a size 5 it is always difficult to find a pair of shoes that I see in stores and want. Most of the times I have to walk out of the stores empty handed. There are times I must to the kids’ section in order to buy a pair of shoes for myself and this can get awkward. This would be the same for teenagers who have to go to the woman section to purchase shoes. However, there is always an option for online shopping. Hannah’s Shoebox and this will make you happy.

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