What is Father’s Day?

What is Father’s Day?


By: Donovan Tompkins 

Father’s Day is less than a week away! In this blog post I want to give some insight and motivation to give Dad the celebration he deserves!

            How did Father’s Day come about? Well, believe it or not, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were not conceptualized at the same time. Mother’s Day was around years before Father’s Day. Eventually we came to realize our old man deserved some recognition too! Sonora Smart Dodd felt that her Dad, who was a Civil War Veteran and single father who raised his six children, should receive appreciation for his accomplishments as a fatherly figure, just as motherly figures were receiving appreciation. Dodd went to local individuals to build support which eventually led to local government support of Father’s day, and then all the way up to the national level!

            I personally have been raised by a single father most of my life. He has worked full time and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in cinematography all while single handedly raising me. But I know for a fact that it’s not just my dad but many of your dads as well who have worked so hard to support you! Our dads support us in ways that sometimes we don’t see or sometimes take for granted. Although our fathers love us unconditionally and will provide that support whether you see it or not, it absolutely melts their hears when you do show your appreciation! So when Father’s Day comes around this Sunday, we motivate you and your friends and family to support fathers and assure they know just how much you appreciate them. It will make all the hard work they have put in all worth it!

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