What Do You Like Most in a Friend?

Friends are important in life. Over my years growing up I have realized what I like most in friends and people that I want to keep close. Although I don’t like saying it, but some of the greatest friendships even fall apart over time- and that is okay. As you are getting older, you are changing too. Your ideas, your goals, your thoughts, etc. Friends come and go and it is important for you to start looking at some qualities you like to find and have in a meaningful friendship. Remember: friends are there to have fun with you, but they should also encourage and build you up to be the best version of yourself! 


Some qualities that I like in a friend is that they should be kind, considerate/understanding, and they should get my humor! I also have found so much value in friends who are so different from me. I keep close to them because we get along or collaborate so well. Getting along with such differences is a beautiful thing and lets you appreciate people and their gifts or talents. I also have found friends who I go to for different circumstances or interests. I am close to my friends from dance. My friends from school share ideas with assignments and we also network with different things we are doing since we have similar interests in our fields of study. I have my best friends back home who I can go to for anything! It’s a whole part of life! What do you like most in a friend? Let us know in the comments below!