The shorter the heel, the easier to walk in them

By Jeanine Biggs

I think it is safe to say that in majority of cases, the taller you are, the bigger your feet are. Being 5’10, I can attest to this correlation. I have been tall for my age for as long as I can remember which means my feet have been larger than normal too. As a tall girl, not only do you have to worry about getting a shoe that fits well and doesn’t seem too old, you have to worry about heel height as well. For whatever reason, I have always had a fascination with high heels. I have always like the way they looked and how the pulled an outfit together for the woman wearing them.

Being so tall, my mom always tried to limit me from wearing heels for obvious reasons. It was one thing to be taller than all the girls in my school, but another to be taller than the boys and teachers. My mom could never find heeled shoes that didn’t make me 6’4 and were stylish, so I never wore heels. When I came to college I decided I wanted to start wearing heels because I still loved the look of them. I was faced with the same problems that I had growing up, the shorter a heel seemed to be, the less stylish they were. I eventually gave in and bought heels that made me way too tall compared to all my friends. Even though I loved the look of the heels and wedges I bought, I didn’t like standing out from my friends and all the other girls I was surrounded by for being “too tall and intimidating.”

When I first looked at the shoes that Hannah’s Shoebox were selling, my first reaction was to say “where was this store when I was growing up.” Not only are their heels in style and fashionable, they are all under 2 ½ inches. Now girls who are tall or have large feet don’t have to compromise their style in order to wear appropriate and comfortable shoes. I have learned the hard way, the shorter the heel, the easier it is to walk in them.

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