The Importance of Comfortable Shoes

The Importance of Comfortable Shoes

Taking care of your feet sounds silly, but it should be a very important aspect in your life. As a dancer, I am constantly on my feet and it is tiring. Dancing plus walking to class, or running errands- I find myself ALWAYS on my feet. As you get older, your feet will begin to have great impact on your back as well, especially if you don't take care of it your back can be in serious trouble. 


This week has been exceptionally challenging for me because I am in a performance from Wednesday until Friday. Constant rehearsals and practices are finally getting to me and one thing that I have to remind myself is to make sure to wear comfortable shoes. As small as that detail is, comfortable shoes can drastically change how you feel. I notice when I wear flat shoes or sandals it is more uncomfortable for me and my feet hurt more. On busy weeks like this I make sure to wear a pair of running shoes for added comfort or a sandal with a strap for a little support or a little “heel” so my foot isn’t completely flat. I also noticed how the change in the shoes I wear has affected my back and has made my back actually feel better. It is so important to be aware of the types of shoes you wear and what is best for your body. I only began to realize this as I got older, but it is something so important that you cannot forget. 


Two of my favorite things to do to take care of my feet is to roll it out with a tennis ball and soak them in Epsom salts. They help to relax and stretch my feet as well as to soothe and calm from the busy events of the day or the whole week! 


Comfortable shows are one of the things we value here at Hannah’s Shoebox! We understand the challenge it is to find such shoes and we also understand the sense of relief we each get when we fit and enjoy a great pair of shoes! Our selection offers variety, style, and comfort, which is perfect for any on-the-go tween. 

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