Spruce Up Your Playlists!

Spruce Up Your Playlists!

By: Donovan Tompkins 

Music taste is extremely varied nowadays with everyone having their own personal library right on their smartphone, tablet etc. But how do you find more music that you like? Here is some tips from someone who listens to at least 3 hours of music easily every day and is always looking for more!


Similar Artists –

Most of us have a group of artists that are our runner ups, the ones we can always listen to. It may be possible to expand your runner ups by listening to similar artists. In most apps including Spotify and Apple Music if you go to your favorite artists profile/page, and scroll down, there will be a list of similar artists that have a similar taste to the artists you already listen to. This works great for both small and big artists!


Ask a friend –

You may think you know what all your friends listen to, but ask them to give you new music and you may be surprised to see them give you suggestions you’ve never heard of! You can also use this opportunity as a fun way to know your friends tastes even better than you may have before. Sometimes I’ll make 15-20 song playlists for my friends if they request it!


Charts –

Another way is to go to the genres of music you listen to, whether it be pop, hip hop, rock etc. and see what the most popular songs are in your favorite genres. Often times there will be a few that you had no clue we’re popular, and sometimes by artists that are on the up and up, that you may have never heard of just yet!


Playlists –

Playlists I think are my most effective way in finding new music. In the general search section of your music streaming app, just type in a genre or even a general word and sort it by playlist. The first results will more than likely be playlists created by the app itself, but there are also user generated playlists which can be good for finding harder to find songs and artists. You don’t always have to do the hard work to find smaller artists when someone already has!

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