Simple Steps to Change Your Life in One Year

Over the summer I posted a series of Monday Motivations onto our HSB social media. It was an 8-step guide about simple things you can do to change your life in just one year. Those eight steps really resonated with me and motivated me to share it with others, especially the young ladies who follow our social media. A couple of them that I really loved were , “stop complaining and appreciate how lucky you are everyday” and “sweat everyday to boost your mood.”


I think that as tweens (or any age to be honest) we tend to complain a lot and forget to look at the things that we have right in front of us. A pure example of this can be our clothes and shoes. Personally, I find myself complaining that I don’t have enough, or I don’t have an outfit for this occasion or that. I know when I was a young tween, I thought that my clothes were ugly at points and I didn’t have the “cute” ones to fit in. I slowly realized that this does not matter. And it takes some maturity to understand this, but the younger you can understand the better. Think about all of the children around the world who don’t have all the luxuries we do. The freedom to wake up and open our walk-in closet and CHOOSE from a variety fo clothes and shoes we would like to wear for the day. Many children do not have this option, and they don’t complain. Somehow they are still happy. Unlike some of us, they are not caught up in the material things of this world. There is so much more to life than the clothes we wear and the amount of shoes we own. 


The other step I admired was to sweat everyday. It is so important to maintain your health and physique while growing up and once you begin to experience more stress, you will see how this simple outlet can create a major change in your life. Sweating doesn’t necessarily mean a hardcore workout everyday with weights and resistance bands. If you enjoy that though, by all means go ahead! Sweating everyday can simply mean going for a morning/evening walk or jog, swimming at the beach or the pool, or dancing! Find one little thing you can add to your day to boost your mood and make that a set goal into your life. You’d be surprised at how much it changes you!