My Favorite Female Characters

My Favorite Female Characters

With an overload of different series featuring strong, confident, and fun female characters it can be hard to think of your favorites. When I dive into a series, I am fully invested. I will often find myself trying to imitate certain characters to live a life similar to theirs or copy their funny mannerisms. Although this list could go on forever here are some of my top favorite characters of all time:

Jess from New Girl: New Girl is probably one of my favorite shows of all time. Jess is a young woman living with 3 men she met on the internet. She is unapologetically her musical, creative, whimsical self. Her energy radiates and the people around her are automatically altered by her positive attitude. I admire her boldness and how she continuously stays true to herself despite what other people think.

Carrie Bradshaw from The Carrie Diaries: Although she is not the original carrie bradshaw, she is in my eyes. A shy, sweet girl from the suburbs who moves to the city on her own to pursue her dreams. She takes risks and loves new experiences. Throughout her journey you watch her become more confident and find herself. Her energy, mannerisms, respect and style are all things I aspire to have.

Donna from Suits: Donna is a Queen. Working in a NYC law office as an assistant to the leading male lawyer. However, she seems more like the boss. She does not tolerate any disrespect or put herself in distasteful situations. Everyone goes to her with any issue, which she handles flawlessly. In a serious environment she creates a warm, funny, caring, and independent presence. The office simply would not be able to function without her and nor would the show.

Alexis Rose from Schitts Creek: Alexis is a hilarious fashionista. Her lifestyle faces a massive shift when her family loses all their money and move to a small farm town to live in a motel. However, her wit does not change. She is bold, confident, and uniquely herself. She is sometimes a bit clueless and selfish but it is what makes her HER. I aspire to be as bold as Alexis when she auditions for a local play singing her original song about herself, “A Little Bit Alexis”. She speaks her mind and we love her for it.


By Quinn Sullivan

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