Must-Try Manis!

Having my nails done has always been a MUST for me. Over the summer, since I was not able to go to the nail salon regularly, I began to do my nails on my own again. Not only did this give me a little break and some me-time, but I also have been saving so much money! 

I stuck with a lot of pastel colors like yellows, pinks, and blues. I think as girls we all have our own little knack for our nails. Some like bright, some like multi-colored, others like patterns... the possibilities are endless and it is so much fun! It truly brings out your personality too! 

Now that fall is approaching, I have some fall nail color ideas for you ladies to try! I love matching my nails to the season... especially with my favorite months and holidays coming up! Share your ideas with us on Instagram or in the comment section below! We’d love to see how creative you get with your nail design