How Hannah's Shoebox helps bigger girls feel good about their outfits

By Natalia Cardenas

It is hard being a woman, so many things to do, so many stuff to care about. I remember when I was 14 all I wanted was to have fun and to wear the best outfits and the best pair of shoes. With my friends, we were always trying to look great. My mom always said to me you are only 14 years old, you are so young you should not be caring so much about those things. But I did, we do, all girls do care about how they look. Sometimes, it’s good to care about ourselves but not to become obsessed about it. I am a shoe lover, I believe that if you wear the right things you will always feel great in front of a mirror.

Occasionally, as everyone, we feel weird or not in the best shape, but if you wear things you know you look cute in, you will definitely feel better and help yourself to cheer up. Or at least me. I love when I am wearing some cute shoes and everyone talks to me about them, things like, “omg I love your shoes,” “where did you get them?” Or your shoes are so beautiful, we all love to hear those nice comments. Hannah’s Shoebox provides so many shoe models, you will literally find so many styles to wear. I love the idea of having big sizes, because those girls who have bigger feet will be able to create cute outfits, feel great in front of the mirror and get those nice comments from everyone. And of course, cheer up in those days you do not feel in the best mood.

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