It’s the Holiday Season...!

It’s the Holiday Season...!

It is my absolute favorite time of the year! The holiday season is here and it seems like it came quicker than expected! The school year is almost halfway done and I am sure you are all excited for winter break and spending time with your friends and family! What I loved about growing up was being able to hang out with my friends more often. This came with more independence as well. My favorite thing about the holidays is going to Christmas parties that are secret Santa or white elephant themed. I loved (and still love) the excitement of getting someone a gift and surprising them and having fun trading gifts around during white elephant. I loved having the choice of seeing what I can give to someone to bring an extra smile to their face during this time of year. I also enjoy finding ways to get more fun or creative with my gifts. Sometimes my gifts will also create a lot of meaning, especially if it is for someone close to me. I think these gatherings really brought together people that I loved being with and let me cherish those moments and the ones to come. 


Here are some simple gift ideas for your friends this holiday season:


  1. Face masks 
  2. Bath bombs 
  3. Nail polish/sets 
  4. A new phone case
  5. Jewelry- earrings or necklaces and rings
  6. A notebook 
  7. Scrunchies/headbands 
  8. Make-up sets / palettes 
  9. Their favorite candy 
  10. A jewelry trinket tray 


I could go for hours shopping and finding cute ideas for people! These are just a couple of my ideas from the top of my head. I always try to think of some things that I would like and how my friends might want similar things as well. Especially for secret Santa or white elephant it is important to keep the gifts simple and inexpensive... sometimes those are best! For white elephant I like to think of items that can be used by anyone. For example, a portable charger, a travel water bottle, or even a wireless speaker. The possibilities are endless! Share your ideas in the comments below and let us know what kind of parties you are invited to this year, we’d love to hear about your holiday adventures!

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