Imagine a Life Without Shoes

Imagine a Life Without Shoes

Can you imagine a life without shoes?? I know I can’t! As a dancer, feet and shoes are two very important things to me. Yes, there are multiple times where I love to be barefoot, but without shoes, our feet are in some pretty risky situations right? Shoes protect our feet and not to mention add so much personality and flare to our individual style! 


Now, I want you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes... (no pun intended). Think about the thousands of young girls your age who were recently affected from Hurricane Dorian. They lost everything. Including their shoes. Think about life without your go-to pair of sneakers or sandals. More importantly though, think about putting your feet at risk of infection or injury because they are exposed to things in the environment, and you don’t have shoes to protect you. 


I think shoes are something we all take advantage of, and I can confess to that. We live in a world where people don’t have easy access to everything like we do. Some children have one shoe that is expected to last them for the entire year, and some have none at all. I can’t fathom all of the beautiful young ladies in the Bahamas right now suffering without a pair of clean, dry shoes to slip on and protect their feet. A pair of dry shoes to feel a sense of relief and comfort. 


Please donate today to help provide not one, but two pairs of shoes for the young ladies in need right now in the Bahamas. They suffered and endured a horrific storm. Now it is our time to give back and show them that we are here too, and we care. Go to to donate.

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