How to Have Fun with a School Uniform

How to Have Fun with a School Uniform

By Jessica L. Sivillo

Are you tired of wearing the same outfit to school every day? If you go to a private school, you are probably used to wearing a uniform and following a dress-code. Do you ever look at the new shirt or pair of shoes you bought and wish you could wear it to school? Well, I went to private school for 13 years, and I had the same thoughts. I realized that wearing a uniform didn’t need to feel like a chore anymore. I discovered that you can have fun dressing-up your uniform to create a confident and bold outfit each day! So, I wanted to share my tips with you.

Here are 5 ways YOU Can Be Creative with Your School Uniform:

1. Show off your style with your shoes! Wear your favorite style shoe while still following the dress-code. Go to the store or shop online for a pair that fits your personality.

2. How about some cool socks? My best friend would always wear purple socks because they were her favorite color. What color socks would you wear?

3. Wear your most stylish jewelry. Typically, private schools will only allow simple jewelry. That is OK! Simple is beautiful. Find a colorful bracelet or earrings.

4. Use different hair accessories. Girls, you can do braids, pony tails, and messy buns. You don’t have to spend a ton of time on this. You can just add a clip or headband!

5. Accessorize with your book bag. Your bag can be a part of your outfit for the day. If you love the color blue, get a blue book bag. You can even add stickers, buttons, and designs to it. Your bag can be colorful, patterned, plain, sparkly! Express your uniqueness.

Whatever you decide to wear, remember that you are beautiful. Everyone has a different personality and style. So, if you want to have more fun with your school uniform, try some of these tips. If you are worried about breaking the rules, take baby steps. Start by adding a fun bracelet or hair accessory! In my 13 years of wearing a uniform, I tried all 5 of my tips. I felt confident, unique, and bold, and I know you will too! If you’re looking for a place to find appropriate, comfortable, and fashionable shoes go to: You can find shoes
to go with your uniform and to wear outside of school. This will definitely help you with tip #1 and I know you’ll find a pair that fits your style perfectly!

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