How to do Holiday Fashion, Fun and Footwear

How to do Holiday Fashion, Fun and Footwear

Happy Holidays!  And you want your feet to have Happy Holidays too!  They need to look festive while holding you up through everything that’s ahead for the next month. 

Fortunately, you have lots of choices of shoes to wear.  Add a bit of sparkle to your step with glistening shoes like the Rain sneaker.  This shoe brings shine and comfort when paired with a pair of jeans or leggings – or for a different twist, wear them with a pair of opaque tights and a mid or maxi length skirt or dress. 

For an afternoon of shopping for gifts, you have lots of options.  Go with a cute bootie like the Poet bootie paired with jeans, leggings or the mid/maxi skirt or dress.  For a shorter hem length, throw on the SHEroine as that boot has a longer shaft that will balance out a shorter dress or skirt perfectly. 

If the weather is a bit on the chilly side, the faux fur trim on the Ride and the YOLO are perfect.  That bit of faux fur dresses up the shoe with a hint of fashion and style. 

Now, it’s finally party time!  Throw on a cute dress with a pair of Outer Banks or the Ashley shoe.  They are the perfect heel height to stand for hours and still look amazing.  Just don’t forget your pedicure. 

After a fun party or too many hours of shopping, you may find your feet talking to you too loudly.  There are lots of things to make them feel better.  Dip them in a bucket of ice water, that will help the swelling.  Throw on some lotion with soft socks and that will ease calluses.  Your mom was right, a dip in some Epsom salts will help too. 

Enjoy the holiday season with fabulous shoes and ring in the new year standing tall and proud. 

Patty Soltis
Founder & CEO
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