How gender inequality has undermined women's capacities

By Maria Dassum

Women’s achievements are not always viewed in the same way as men’s achievements. Recently I watched a video that left an impression on me. It was about how women were asked nonsense questions in interviews instead of being asked about their successes.  I felt so bothered by it and realized how fake and phony society can be when talking to women. Always trying to minimize our accomplishments.  Historically gender inequality has established some prejudice ideas and stereotypes that tend to undermine women’s capacities. However, despite the increasing protagonist figure women have today, there is still the perception that women are inferior to men. According to this video, most of the questions asked to women were related to their relationships to men and to their physical appearance. Nowadays, society has become more superficial and shallow. Therefore, people value physical standards over any personal attribute anyone can have.       


In general, individuals lean towards esthetical characteristics rather than any profound principle that can appear in human beings.  I believe that humanity has made some important progress through the years but there is still much that can be done. For instance, in most western European societies, we see low birth rates as a consequence of women being high-achieved professionals instead of only being moms. It’s amazing to see how media, technology and social networks have turned people into visual objects.  We see everywhere publicity where men and women are valued only by their physical appearance. Therefore, to me in this blog, it was important to address two main topics: gender inequality and superficial principals that runs today society. Both of this arguments creates a difficult environment for women that most of the time are seen as objects and are minimized.  

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