Happy Fall Y’all

Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year and season. School is harder during this time, but it is also closer to the holiday season which is always exciting. I love the change in the air and the atmosphere and the new smells that remind me of Fall. Florida has quite the exception with its weather but hopefully it begins to cool down soon! One of my favorite thing to do in the Fall is to do a little shopping for myself and get cute outfits! I love sweaters, jackets, and discovering the new patterns and trends that roll around every year. I also love to accessorize during this time of year. Maybe a scarf, or some cute socks with my boots, or even a simple headband. It’s always fun to create your outfits and feel stylish as you’re growing up. That is something that I have taken with me since middle school to now. 


I think it’s one of the exciting aspects about growing up- choosing your own clothes and outfits. It’s that first sign of a little bit more independence while adding a little flare to show off your unique personality. Your fashion choices are just another way you begin to express yourself and show people who you are! We go through phases and sometimes we wear things that we look back on and say, “Whoa... why did I wear that?!” I love looking back at those crazy pictures growing up and seeing my fun fashion sense and how much it had changed over the years.


I also believe that the Fall season is the perfect time to try new things and play around with other styles. Hannah’s Shoebox has the perfect style catalog for your Fall looks! Stay tuned to our social media for some cute and fun outfit ideas!