Guide to the Perfect Back to School Outfits

Guide to the Perfect Back to School Outfits

Guide to the Perfect Back to School Outfits

As autumn rolls around the corner, it is time to expand both your closet and shoebox for the new school year! One of the many perks about being a girl is the variety of different outfits and styles to choose from.

Here are a few outfit ideas for different occasions at school…

The casual outfit: Pick out your favorite jeans or denim shorts, put on a colorful tank, t-shirt, or blouse, and pair with the Dimmi sneakers. This is a classic outfit that can be worn everyday and will also be a go-to!


The fancy fit: Slip on your favorite romper or dress (solid colors and floral patterns are my personal favorites) and pair of the new blue Rayna open toe booties. For some added height these trendy shoes would be absolutely gorgeous! This is an outfit you can save for a special occasion such as a birthday, holiday, picture day, or any other day you are feeling it!

The lazy outfit: Hop out of bed with your sweatpants or leggings and throw on a simple sweatshirt, t-shirt, or tank. Slip on a pair of these OTBT vegan sneakers and you are ready for a relaxing, laidback day!  

No matter which outfit you choose, it is important to remember it is YOUR outfit. Be confident in your clothes and your mood will reflect it!

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