Father Daughter Activities to do Together During Quarantine

Father Daughter Activities to do Together During Quarantine


Still stuck in quarantine? There are plenty of things to do to stay occupied and have fun!! Find some things to do with your dad... we are sure he will appreciate the quality time you spend with him. When I was younger, I used to love building and painting things with my dad and from those activities, we created great memories that we remember today! Even now when I am home from college, I still find myself helping my dad with things when he has stuff to fix around the house. Not the most “girly” of things to do, but something about us together has created that inseparable bond between us and that is truly a blessing. I look forward to any moment with my dad! Here are some fun activities you and your pops can do while you are in quarantine or if you both have some extra time together. 

Paint Something

It is so easy to buy some basic supplies online or even go to your local craft store (if open and safe). There are tons of inspiration online to paint and create works of art, and how much cooler would it be while doing it with your dad?? You can get creative and make something that has a special meaning for the both of you and put it up somewhere where you will see it everyday! 

Build Something

When I was younger, I used to be obsessed with buying wooden toys from a craft store or even build some little things on my own with my dad. After we made it we would also paint and put it somewhere special. I still have a little toy train that I painted with my dad and I can still remember the day I chose and we painted it together. My dad was also the type of person to always have something to build or fix around the house, and I followed him EVERYWHERE! I helped him so much they wanted to get me a pink tool belt! You never know until you try and learn. These experiences can be super fun if you make it fun! 

Play a Board Game or Cards

I have a ton of games at my house! Something that my time in quarantine reminded me of was the games we used to play as kids to keep ourselves distracted before technology swooped in. Pull out an old board game with your dad! I also grew up playing a lot of cards and my dad has taught me a lot of card games he used to play when he was a child. Give it a go! 

Go outside for a walk together or a bike ride... and exercise! 


Spending too much time inside can get overwhelming. Why not having a walking or biking buddy? Who knows maybe your dad can use the extra exercise and break as well. It’s an even greater idea to spend it with someone you love. It’s also a great way to keep each other motivated throughout the day and especially during quarantine when we may feel a little extra lonely and sad because we had to adjust to a new way of life. Fresh air is always a good idea! 

Watch a movie together 



Who doesn’t love movies?? I absolutely love watching movies with my family. When I was little my dad and I used to have a tradition every summer to go see a movie in the movie theater and then we would go get ice-cream or fast-food after. It was the best! Obviously, most movie theaters are closed now so you can make the best out of what you have at home. Rent a movie or play one that you already have but haven’t watched in a while. Recreate a movie theater and maybe even watch it outside if you can! Get creative! And don’t forget the movie snacks to go with it!! ;) 

Read a book together 

One thing I used to do with my dad as well was read a book together. Of course, this was when I was much younger and the books were usually before I went to bed or I really really wanted him to read it to me. I have a distinct memory of us going to the library and choosing books to read together... those were the best. So, choose a book that interests the both of you and designate a time to read together each day or every other day! It’ll be good to try something new! 

Spend your extra time in quarantine doing something fun and even different with a person who is special to you. Spending time with my dad creating such amazing memories that will last a lifetime and I hope you can create some amazing memories too! Let us know what you think and share any other fun activities in the comments!! XOXO 


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