Closet Clear-Out!

Closet Clear-Out!

Social distancing can feel like such a drag as we have to find things to do around the house. In times like these, it is important to get a little creative with your time and with what you have. One thing that I have been doing and that I recommend to everyone is to start clearing your closet! A little personal Spring cleaning. I am sure we can all confess to hoarding old clothes we don’t wear anymore and think we may need it for something but it ends up buried in a drawer or at the back of your closet racks. 

Tip #1: Start clearing out sections of your closet little by little. Take things out, put clothes on... have a mini fashion show to yourself. You can even FaceTime your friends as they social distance as well and give you opinions on what you should keep or not keep. You can donate these items to your local Goodwill or thrift store. For me, I like to really think about what I wear and if I would REALLY use an item of clothing if I keep it.

Tip #2: Repurpose your clothes! What a perfect time to try some DIY things on your used clothes and make them feel new again! Trending right now is bleaching (have a parent help you), tie dye,  painted jeans, and painted/customized shoes. Let your creativity show! There are plenty or tutorials on YouTube and on Tik Tok! Make sure to have a parent or guardian get the materials for you and help you if you need it. Spruce up your clothing, and make them unique to YOU! 


We hope these little tips helped and will give you some ideas for your social distancing time! Tag us on Instagram @tweenshoes and show us what you created!! 

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