Celebrating Women in 2021

Celebrating Women in 2021

Women’s History Month

Celebrating Women in 2021


It’s Women’s History Month and it’s time to celebrate all of the amazing contributions women have made throughout the world. Celebrate the moms, sisters, aunts, doctors, artists, singers, dancers, cheerleaders, and more incredible women in your life to end the month of March on a high note! Here is a recap of some of the inspirational things women have done in 2021 so far.


Kamala Harris:

She made history this year by becoming the first woman, African American, and Asian American Vice President of the United States.

Taylor Swift:

She made history this year by becoming the first woman to win the album of the year three times for the Grammy Awards.


Dr. Kathrin Jansen:

She made history this year through her contributions as the head of vaccine research and development for Pfizer during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Alicia Garza:

She made history this year by becoming the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network.


It is time to empower the women around you. Be your most confident self. Achieve whatever goals you have, no matter how large. The women above are just a few of the women who have proven it is possible to reach your goals and dreams.

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