Celebrating Father's Day

Celebrating Father's Day

Before you know it, Fathers Day will be just around the corner! Time seemed to fly by during these months in quarantine as we constantly have tried to find things to keep occupied. Don't let the time go by without telling the people you love how important they are to you! 

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate your dad and acknowledge how he has impacted your life. Many of us like to give as a way to show our appreciation and thanks. In times like these, giving has to be a little bit more than just buying something... since we all cant easily go out to the store and purchase items. This time allows us to think outside the box and be just a bit more creative! Here are a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing! 

Ages 7-13 

Keep it Simple: A card

Hand-made cards are still favorites for many! Put some time and effort in it to make it super special and unique! Add a special note or message that he will remember! 

A painting:

Paint something special to him. Maybe your dad loves being on the boat... paint a boat or a sunset! Or paint something special to you... like a flower or a butterfly, or even collage it with your handprints! He will treasure it knowing that it was especially made with him in mind. 


DIY Face Mask:

In most situations it is mandatory to wear face masks outside and in public. There are plenty of DIY videos on how to make a face mask with practically anything! Why not make a unique one just for your dad? Find one cloth from any piece of clothing and make it unique and stylish for him!


His own #1 Dad T-shirt: 

Find or buy a plain t-shirt and get your own letters (or draw them with fabric markers or paints) and design a cool shirt for him! 

Make him his favorite snack! 

...Or a snack you make that you know will be special to him 

I know my dad has many favorite treats that I am sure he has made or shred with you. Maybe you even have one that you came up with and want to share with him. Make sure you have all the ingredients you need or be creative with what you have in your kitchen! Ask a sibling or your mom for help and surprise him with some delicious goodies! 


A bracelet or a keychain:

When I was little, I was obsessed with making jewellery and string bracelets. So of course I made one for my dad... though he did not wear it, he attached it to his keys and made it into a keychain! I think he still has it on to this day! Make something with his favorite colors... and if you have beads with letters make it into your name or a word for him to see everyday and make him smile! 


Ages 13+ 

Buy something from Amazon: 

This is the easiest out of the ideas. Sometimes it can be challenging to find unique gifts on Amazon but if your dad is really into certain hobbies or interests, this can be a great idea to finding something unique that he will use! 


A mini book highlighting the key father-daughter moments:  

I share many moments and memories with my dad. Why not document them and put them into a mini book?? Try and remember the date or the occasion and reflect on your favorite memories with him. It will for sure touch his heart. 


Dad Coupon Book:

I used to buy these when I was little... but who says you cant make your own! Create and design your own pages and staple them together neatly! “Coupons” can be so unique! For example: free car wash or a pass for you make his favorite meal; the possibilities are endless. 


A picture book / frame: 

With access to your phone (if you have one) create an album with some of your favorite picture(s) of you and your dad! Print them out at home or at a local store that does them for a small fee. Then place them together in an album or frame them in a nice collage. Pictures are some of my favorite things to look back at and smile! Those memories last for a lifetime. 

Cook breakfast or dinner for him! 

I love to cook! I have many memories of my dad and my family being in the kitchen or eating together. I don’t think anything says I love you more than a nice warm meal cooked for the ones you care about most. Make his favorite dish or your favorite dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Recipes are easy to find online. Make sure another adult is with you or another sibling. maybe even cook with him! Thats another memory waiting to happen :) 

Of course, these are just a few ideas on what you can give your dad for Father's Day. Let us know what you think in the comments below and share any of your ideas too! We’d love to hear from you! 



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