Booties are the Best

Booties are the Best
IT IS HERE!  The perfect shoe for everyone!  This bootie is literally to die for - it is a flat sole, with animal print. 
Animal print is a must have in everyone's wardrobe.  Talk about trend, this one is a forever trend.  A little touch of it goes a long way, and adds that extra something special to your look.  If you don't have a bootie, get one NOW!  This shoe will be in your wardrobe forever and can be worn all year long.  
Throw on the booties with a pair of jeans - in almost any color!  They are flawless and to be so chic, turn the cuff up to glide along the top of the bootie.  Toss on a maxi skirt or dress, they are the perfect complement.  And put on some black tights or thigh high stockings for a look with a mini skirt.  In the heat of summer, wear them with a pair of shorts, add a pair of footies for your socks to absorb the heat from your feet (that means when your feet sweat, you will feel dry and cool).  
If you want to accessorize these, add a bit of something something, not too much though because these booties roar for you.  
Stride everywhere with the strength of the leopard!  The leather trim on the bootie adds just the right embellishment.  It's iconic, trendy and powerful - just like you!
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