Benefits of Wearing Age Appropriate Shoes

Benefits of Wearing Age Appropriate Shoes

Benefits of Wearing Age Appropriate Shoes

by Olivia Salkind

Wearing age appropriate shoes is all about being comfortable in your shoes physically while also feeling comfortable in society.  A tween that has a larger shoe size than her peers may have trouble finding age appropriate shoes, which could lead to low self-esteem. Hannah’s Shoebox helps so many young girls gain their confidence again and look fashionably trendy. 

Imagine wearing age appropriate shoes AND keeping up with the latest new trends.

Fashion is such an important part of self expression as well as communicating one’s identity.  Wearing age appropriate shoes is important when presenting yourself.

It is always important to be yourself and feeling limited to buying shoes that does not match your age group should not be a problem. Feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing is always important.

Fashionista and trendy! 

Living a healthy life also affects self-confidence and comfort. Nearly 85% of the population suffers from foot issues, and having comfortable shoes can eliminate many health problems such as back pain. 

If you are not wearing a comfortable shoe, chances are it can impact other parts of your body.

Your feet are the base of your body, and having the proper age-appropriate shoe can help tremendously with its alignment. 

Wearing age appropriate shoes not only affects your health, but also your emotional well being.

Stay trendy while feeling confident and healthy! 

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