Becoming a Leader

What does it mean to be a leader? A leader is someone who leads or commands a group or organization. That definition sounds a little complicated for this, but it relates to the idea no matter what. Growing up it is so hard to challenge the status quo and stand out from everyone else around you, especially when you’re at school. When I was a tween, school was the place I felt most pressure to fit in and “be cool”. Every girl wore makeup, wore the same brands of jeans, and everyone had the same shoes. Sometimes I felt like I was the odd ball in the group and I wasn’t like everyone else. (Who cares??!) 

I look back at my life then and I want to inspire young ladies growing up that it does not matter how “cool” you are to others because it will not matter in five years let alone the future in general. I think being a leader is most important at this age because you are maturing and you have a little more freedom to start making your own decisions. You are being influenced from every direction by your friends and it’s important to stand up for yourself and what you know and believe is right. I will be honest with you that it is hard, but in the end, others begin to observe how you standout and will admire your bravery and most importantly, your honesty to be true to yourself.

Being a leader while you are so young can be a great challenge especially when your challenges may not seem too serious to you. Being a leader as a tween can simply mean to not cheat on a test like everyone else is, to not be mean to the shy girl in class, or to not dress inappropriately like other girls may be doing because they don’t know better. Little things like this add up in your life, and in the long run will have a positive impact on your thoughts and especially your actions. To any young lady reading this, I hope you are inspired to become a leader in your school, your friend groups, your sports team... whatever you are involved in! Do not be afraid to stand up and do what is right and lead yourself and others into a better path through life as you grow up and blossom together!