We are all in this together. COMPLIMENTARY FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS IN THE UNITED STATES $75 AND UP. Shipping delays may occur due to COVID-19.


We are all in this together. 
Our hearts are with all of those emotionally and physically affected by COVID-19. This is an especially challenging time for many, and we wish health and safety to everyone. Remember that we are all in this together. It is okay to feel scared, anxious, or even alone. Just keep in mind that we all feel this way, and that are all here to lift each other up. Together, as a planet, we will get through this rough time, and get back to our normal. It just takes a little time, and a little love from each and every one of us. Here at Hannah’s Shoebox, we are keeping our minds positive and encourage you all to do the same. 
Please stay safe and join our staff in following all Center for Disease Control guidelines.