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Be who you want to be

Be who you want to be
It’s tough being 13 and feeling like the weight of your future is on your shoulders. You’re only a freshman and you’re asked to decide a career, then focus on college or a trade, all with a single test as reference point. Here’s the thing: one test cant adequately reflect all that you are. You might be a nurturer, but also love excitement. You might be analytical and also creative. There’s too much of who you are to summed up in a single test and you don’t even know all that you are and could be at only 13-years-old.

The shorter the heel, the easier to walk in them

By Jeanine Biggs I think it is safe to say that in majority of cases, the taller you are, the bigger your feet are. Being 5’10, I can attest ...
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