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Flaws and All

By Jalena Francis What part of yourself are you most insecure about? For me, it’s always been my arms. For years I felt like they were too long too...

When your shoe size does not match your age

When your shoe size does not match your age
There is always one thing or another that people seem to find in order to call people names while being in school. While growing up everyone always made fun of how small my feet are and how I would wear small shoes. At first, I would get annoyed and angry about it; however, the more I started appreciating myself and seeing how lucky I am to even walk no matter what my shoe size is, the more confident I got. This helped me ignore what people said to me about my feet and stopped bothering me. The more I ignored people’s comments the less they made fun of me.

Be who you want to be

Be who you want to be
It’s tough being 13 and feeling like the weight of your future is on your shoulders. You’re only a freshman and you’re asked to decide a career, then focus on college or a trade, all with a single test as reference point. Here’s the thing: one test cant adequately reflect all that you are. You might be a nurturer, but also love excitement. You might be analytical and also creative. There’s too much of who you are to summed up in a single test and you don’t even know all that you are and could be at only 13-years-old.

Celebrities that felt that their feet were too big to enjoy stylish shoes

By Jasmine Sherif It’s always comforting to know that you’re not alone and luckily for every girl that ever felt like her feet were too big t...

How a mom decided to become an entrepeneur

It was the last straw. I had shopped continuously between Orlando, Tampa and Sarasota while hitting random boutiques and malls in between. The hun...
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