Monster Mash of Tween Girl Halloween Costumes

Monster Mash of Tween Girl Halloween Costumes

Here is a “monster mash” of tween girl Halloween costume ideas to get people’s heads turning at the next spooky event you attend. Luckily, you should find most of the Halloween costume ideas already in your closet!

Below are a few Halloween costumes that you can make right at home.
You can make these creepy, or simply cute!
    1. Spooky
Check out the details of this spooky doll, put green eyeshadow on your cheekbones and under your eyes and black eye liner and mascara for the special effects.


  1. Scarecrow Costume

My second favorite go to look for the spooky season is the classic scarecrow! Grab a pair of jeans or overalls, a flannel shirt that you may find in your mom or dad’s closet, and any type of hat for that farmer look!

  1. Bubblegum Costume

Last but certainly not least, is the bubblegum costume! Take any colorful dress and tape a bunch of balloons of all different sizes to it. A cute touch is to hold a gathering of balloons. (And of course have bubblegum handy). This look is a definite showstopper and will make heads turn!



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